Aeon Extension Patch v10.4 is out

Aeon Extension Patch v10.4 is out. Minor update: Adds Ambiotic support, Optifine fixes, Galacticraft inventory UI and a few changes.

Galacticraft Spacesuit Inventory UI

  • Ambiotic: added 1st step for Ambiotic support, no wind at high altitudes.
  • Ambiotic: added sound effects for dimensions with ID "planet.venus" (e.g. for Galaxy Space addon).
  • Vanilla: fixed diamond and chainmail armor graphics.
  • Vanilla: changed CTM properties for several 1.7 and 1.8 blocks to better support Optifine. Not totally done.
  • Vanilla: added CTM for Chiseled Stone Brick Monster Egg block.
  • Galacticraft: added Spacesuit Inventory UI. Not totally done.

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