Aeon Extension Patch v10.5 is out

Aeon Extension Patch v10.5 is out. Quasi-major update. Adds more sound effects, UIs and improves chainmail and leather armors.

New Beacon UI and Galacticraft buckets.

  • Vanilla: fixed Leather armor graphics.
  • Vanilla: changed Chainmail armor graphics.
  • Vanilla: changed brewing stand and beacon UI.
  • Ambiotic: added Mars and Galaxy Space's Titan sound effects.
  • Ambiotic: changed Galaxy Space's Venus sound engine.
  • Ambiotic: fixed HighWind sound effect playing in space stations.
  • Galacticraft: added Fuel Bucket and Oil Bucket, following mod update.
  • Galacticraft: changed Thermal Padding.
Planned features for the next releases and new content:

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