Late New Year update and future plans

Since this is my 1st post of the year: Late Happy New Year!

(Update 2016-July-03: micdoodle8's forum post)

Being busy with lots of things, including Galacticraft bugreporting, trying new mods and working on new stuff for Aeon Extension Patch and armor skins for Armourer's Workshop.

Textures for Et Futurum mod and 1.9 blocks, and a ton of work done.

Planned content for Aeon Extension Patch

Not a promise, there you go:
  • Et Futurum and more 1.9 support (tweet).
  • More Galacticraft textures/items.
  • More Mekanism textures/items (tweet).
  • More UI changes (tweet).
  • New glass textures based on TheSparko's concept for glass blocks (tweet).
  • Natural-looking clay blocks (tweet).
  • Improvements and new/alternative armor textures.
  • New file/version system.
Some images (not final):

About the New file/version system for v11+:
  • I'm adopting some kind of sub-patch system, you download and add small patches on top of Aeon Extension Patch to change specific things, such as, 1.8 UI support, 1.9 UI support, an alternative texture for armor, extra textures for certain mods etc.
  • Mars and Venus patches will be sub-patches, meaning less maintenance.
  • The repository/download page revamped.

Release of armor skins for Armourer's Workshop

These are the Armourer's Workshop parts I've been working on to be used along with Aeon Extension Patch v11.0+ (tweet):

On the left, chain armor as space suit, and on the right, alternative leather armor as diving suit. Both with Armourer's Workshop parts.

Random things

My big thanks goes to: Galacticraft devteam fixed the broken Smart Moving compatibility. Bug reported by me and masterly fixed by Radfast. Look at this!

GC and MPS working with SmartMoving

Experimenting new stuff together. Trying new mods like MCHeli and GalaxySpace. New textures and armor pieces for Armourer's Workshop:

And why not give Bobby a ride:

Okay that was random.

Stay tuned for more coming! Follow me on Twitter for updates.

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