Aeon Extension Patch v11.1 is out

Aeon Extension Patch v11.1, minor update: Adds new sound effects, Steve skin as test dummy, and fixes lots of lang files.

Version 11.1 is out
Change log:
  • Vanilla: added breath sound effect (can be used for CustomNPCs mod).
  • Vanilla: changed Steve skin, now it's a test dummy (for 1.7.10, a 1.8 patch is on the way).
  • Bibliocraft: added 2 new custom paintings.
  • Carpenter's Blocks: added Torch, item and block.
  • Exotic Birds: added lang files fixes.
  • Galacticraft: added Mars Superficial block texture.
  • Mekanism: added GasMask and WindTurbine sound effects (you'll love them!).
  • Mekanism: changed Hydraulic sound effect, now silenced (will change later).

  • Mars and Venus patches update.
  • 1.8/1.9 Interface fixer and alternative textures (tweet).
  • Armourer's Workshop skins, example: astronaut helmet (tweet).


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