Aeon Extension Patch v11.2 is out

Aeon Extension Patch v11.2, quasi-major update: Adds new stained glass pane textures and sound effects for witches and villagers. Also, Mars and Venus addon Patches got an update and MC1.8 update patch is out. (Updated 2016-12-27)

Version 11.2 is out.

This is a quasi-major update, while it just changes and adds 9 features in the resource pack (see Change log below), the update itself adds about 830 new graphic and sound files. The stained glass plane set has got borders with connected texture (CTM for MCPatcher and Optifine).

The villagers and witches have got their own sound effects with robotic theme, following the Iron Golem. Yes, if you are using Minecraft 1.7.10, you can hear witches approaching you with their "radar" noise. Sound effects are mostly based on "Mobile Arcade: RoboticMelody 2" by Dneproman (, licensed under (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication license.

Full change log as follows.

  • Vanilla: added Witch sound effects (won't work in 1.8.x, thanks Mojang for blocking this customization in 1.8 :S).
  • Vanilla: added Villager sound effects.
  • Vanilla: added new stained glass pane textures now with border.
  • Vanilla: added diving suit as golden armor set with no item icon yet (temporary measure).
  • Vanilla (older versions): added skull steve icon for backward compatibility.
  • Vanilla (1.7.10 only): changed hopper CTM and textures. Can't fix better due to limited customization. 1.8+ Players: use MC1.8 update patch.
  • Vanilla: fixed brewing stand UI.
  • Bibliocraft: added a new custom painting.
  • Mekanism: added copper, osmium and tin ores.
  • General: removed unused/unnecessary PNG files.

Download: Resource Packs

Mars, Venus and MC1.8 update addon patches

These addon patches got updates/releases too:

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