Content Packs for Armourer's Workshop and MCHeli are out

Never made an actual post about the release of content packs for Armourer's Workshop and MCHeli. This one will catch everything up, released and planned.

All Armourer's Workshop and MCHeli content packs available for downloads are here:

For Armourer's Workshop

Released so far:

Astronaut pack - version 3.0: Contains astronaut suit and accessories. Update: added full body suit, so you no longer need to install Aeon Extension Patch to get the full body suit. And general cleanup/fix in the parts.

Includes a decorative helmet (that emits light) so you can place it on a shelf as a trophy. It's planned to add some dyeable parts (edit: done in the 3.1 release).

Diving pack - version 2.0: Scuba diving suit and accessories. Update: Added full diving suit which can be used with other sets (example, motorcycle suit) and can be dyeable, added diving tank with life jacket, weight belt, and a diving mask. Renamed Life Jacket to Diving Life Jacket. It's planned to add some dyeable parts (edit: done in the 3.0 release).

Bike and HazMat pack - 1st release: a misc pack with motorcycle helmet and boots, and 3 types of gas masks. All dyeable. Includes a decorative motorcycle helmet that you can place like a block.

Mekanism pack - 1st release: This pack was recreated for Mekanism players with incompatibilities with Smart Moving. You can apply these skins to fix the Smart Moving bug. Currently: gas mask, free runners and glowstone armor set.

Includes a decorative gas mask helmet that you can place like a block.

For MCHeli mod

Released so far:

Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU or NASA jetpack) - version 1.1: It is a jetpack with very small thrust for slow movements in space. Made to be used in a Galacticraft space station but it's possible to use it in the Overworld and planets with gravity.

Motorcycle - alpha release: The motorcycle is pretty still work-in-progress. I've got the basic model without the texture, it's possible to ride it alone or with a NPC or another player.

Satellite - version 1.0: A decorative element with zero gravity. It does nothing but has a 9-slot inventory. Just "install" the satellite mid-air, or in a Galacticraft space station dimension. You can sit on and steer satellite to point the antenna.

That's all. Also: twitter post and Google+ post.



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