Aeon Extension Patch v11.3 is out

Aeon Extension Patch v11.3, minor update: Adds new sound effects for iron golem, horse and enderman, and improves Galacticraft life support UI.

Version 11.3 is out.

This is the 1st update of the year, and a minor one. Iron golems will now emit random sounds like beeps and hydraulics/parts moving. It also fixes the "Unable to play unknown soundEvent: minecraft:none" error in Minecraft vanilla.

If you give a horse something to eat, it'll produce a chewing sound. It also fixes the "Unable to play unknown soundEvent: minecraft:eating" error in Minecraft vanilla.

The best is the new Enderman stare sound: no more long, loud groan painful to hear.

Galacticraft life support UI was fixed and improved with a semi-minimalist style and a meaningfull thermometer scale showing the "it's just fine", "something's wrong", "act quickly" and "you're screwed" phases.

Original sound effects by qubodup, yd, Rudmer_Rotteveel, and AGMoneyTrigga, all licensed under CC0/Public Domain.

  • Vanilla: added random Iron and Snow Golem sound effects (beeps and hydraulics).
  • Vanilla: added horse eating sound effect.
  • Vanilla: added enderman stare sound effect.
  • Vanilla: added pumpkin blur mcmeta, for compatibility.
  • Galacticraft: fixed and improves life support UI.

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