Aeon Extension Patch v11.5 is out

Aeon Extension Patch v11.5, minor update: Fixes black pine leaves for Overworld and Galacticraft dimensions. And adds space-themed Bibliocraft custom paintings.

Version 11.5 is out.

This is a very small update with 2 fixes and new Bibliocraft custom paintings, with Galacticraft theme.

Spruce leaf blocks by the boundary between Taiga and Florest biomes were likely to render black: now fixed. The same happened with Galacticraft dimensions.

The cursor and some interface graphics were also prone to render the transparency wrong, depending on the Minecraft version or mod: also fixed.

Taking advantage of the Galacticraft 4 release, I added 3 new space-themed Bibliocraft paintings: Flag of Earth, Venus landscape and Venus survey map.

Change log below.

  • Vanilla and Galacticraft: fixed spruce leaves colormap for Overworld (a bit more) and Galacticraft dimensions..
  • Vanilla: fixed wrong transparent color in icons.png, widgets.png and inventory.png.
  • Bibliocraft: added 3 new custom paintings: Flag of Earth, Venus landscape and Venus survey.

Download: Resource Packs

Addon patches

Addon patches for MC1.8 and MC1.9 (partially works with 1.10) are available. Also: Mars and Venus. No changes so far.

A MC1.10-1.11 patch is planned.

Download in the same page: Resounce pack

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