Right off the bat, I'm a maker of a bunch of small things.

Firstly Minecraft related: Aeon Extension Patch, a resource pack for Minecraft. Content pack addons for Armourer's Workshop and MCHeli mods.

I test and post videos of techmods: Galacticraft, Modular PowerSuits, Mekanism and MCHeli. Administrator of Galacticraft Forums and contribute to the Galacticraft mod. Minecraft player since beta 1.7.3.

As amateur level designer: I made ages ago a level pack called ArchPack, an add-on for SRB2, a Doom Legacy based fangame. If you like fast-paced games, I recommend downloading that game with this addon.

I have a YouTube channel where I post walkthroughs and playtests. Follow me on my Twitter and Google+ for updates.

Main content

YouTube Channel

Aeon Extension Patch - a resource pack for Minecraft

ArchPack - level pack add-on for the Doom based fangame

Other content

  • Minecraft - info about my Minecraft videos and mods, packs and tools I use.
  • Content packs - 3D skins and model packs for Armourer's Workshop and MCHeli.
  • Worlds - my Minecraft worlds available for download
  • Downloads - downloadable library of my works and 3rd party material.
  • Imgur - my gallery of images and screenshots.


Want to find me?

Go here: http://www.youtube.com/user/EzerArch/about

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