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Aeon is one of the best modern and futuristic resource packs for Minecraft. Discrete and vivid: pleasant colors and shadings, without being disruptive or hardcore.

Download Aeon Resource Pack and Aeon Extension Patch v11.4, and Addons:

Resource Pack download repository

  • Aeon Resource Pack, by TheSparko, it is the required base resource pack for vanilla Minecraft.
  • Aeon Extension Patch, by Ezer'Arch, completes the base resource pack and adds mod support.
  • Addon Patches that tweak Aeon packs by adding special skies and alt textures, updating to 1.8 & 1.9.
  • There are also Content Packs for several mods to use along with.

What's new:

Read the blog post here: Aeon Extension Patch v11.4 is out
  • Aeon Extension Patch v11.4 (2017-03-18):
    • Vanilla: added glowstone dust, redstone dust and gunpowder items.
    • Vanilla: added more inventory icons (absortion, horse meters etc).
    • Vanilla: added more ASCII character.
    • Vanilla: changed ender eye to fit the end portal frame's style.
    • Vanilla: changed bone meal particles (renders pluses).
    • Vanilla: changed anvil interface to a new style.
    • Vanilla: fixed misaligned crosshair.
    • Vanilla: fixed vines CTM.
    • Vanilla: fixed spruce leaves colormap (no longer black pine forests).
    • Vanilla: fixed and changed birch and spruce leaves, opaque and transparent versions.
      Vanilla 1.9: added End Bricks CTM.
    • Vanilla 1.9: added more inventory icons (sword cool-down, armor overlay etc).
    • Vanilla 1.9 and EtFuturum: added Heart Damage Indicator particles (renders wither icons).
    • Vanilla 1.9 and EtFuturum: added ligering potion and dragon breath bottle.
    • Just a few fish: added en_US lang fix.
  • Aeon Mars Addon Patch v1 (2016-11-15):
    • General: port and new patch system.
    • Vanilla: smaller sun.
  • Aeon Venus Addon Patch v1 (2016-11-19):
    • General: port and new patch system.
  • Aeon 1.8 update addon patch v1 (2016-11-29):
    • Vanilla: added 1.8 Enchanting Table interface
    • Vanilla: added 1.8 Steve/Player default texture, fixing the stretched texture.
    • Vanilla: added hopper block texture and UV.
  • Aeon 1.9 update addon patch v1 (2017-02-14):
    • Vanilla: added 1.8 Enchanting Table interface
    • Vanilla: added 1.8 Steve/Player default texture, fixing the stretched texture.
    • Vanilla: added hopper block texture and UV.
    • Vanilla: added 1.9 Brewing stand UI.
    • Vanilla: added 1.9 Player inventory UI.

Features (v.11.4)

Aeon Extension Patch adds, modifies and brings back about 300 graphics of original Aeon resource pack, mainly:
  • Blocks and items: enchanting table, tracks, daylight sensors, plants, dispenser, reed, lamps, item frames, clock, map background, iron golem, name tag, chests; glass etc;
  • Space- and tech-themed chain mail, leather and diamond armors;
  • Sound effects for vanilla entities: iron golem, villagers, witches, horse, chicken (sound fix);
  • Lots of CTM fix for MCPatcher and Optifine;
  • Lots of interface fix and update;
  • Disc 11 now plays a new track (1.7.2+ only);
  • Support several tech mods and addons: items, blocks, interface and sound effects (see below supported mods);
  • + Addon patches: Mars, Venus and 1.8 update. Add custom skies and terrain (requires Optifine!) and update the packs.

Example of Mars addon patch:

Example of Venus addon patch:

Example of 1.8 and 1.9 updater/fixer addon patch:

Supported mods

Currently supporting several items and blocks of the following mods:
  • Galacticraft: Frequency Module, Glowsone torch, Thermal Padding, ores, rocks, dense ice etc;
  • Bibliocraft: glasses, furniture, interface for clipboard and mapping, space themed custom paintings;
  • Mekanism: glow blocks, road blocks and salt blocks, sound effects for turbines and diving gears;
  • Carpenter's Blocks: new designs and patterns for beds, doors and blocks;
  • Et Futurum: CTM for blocks and Brewing stand UI;
  • Ambiotic: ambient sounds for Galacticraft Mars and GalaxySpace's Venus and Titan;
  • Modular PowerSuits: new icons and UI.
  • Exotic Birds (temp): localization/display name fix.
(About Mods that I use, see Minecraft)


    For Minecraft 1.7.2 and later:
      1. Download the main Aeon pack and save it in the "resourcepacks" folder/directory.
      2. Download this patch and save it in the "resourcepacks" folder/directory.
      3. Run Minecraft.
      4. Click on Options, and then Resources Packs
      5. Select Aeon [JUL 27] and Aeon Extension Patch.
      6. Put Aeon [JUL 27] above Default, and Aeon Extension Patch above Aeon [JUL 27], as shown in this video.
      7. Click on Done, and Done again.

        For Minecraft 1.6.2 and 1.6.4:
          1. Download the main Aeon pack and save it in the "resourcepacks" folder/directory, if you haven't yet.
          2. If you want to keep the original pack unedited: make a copy of Aeon and renamed it to something else like "Aeon Extended".
          3. Download this patch and extract it.
          4. Copy the "Assets" folder of my patch and paste it to override "Assets" of the original Aeon (or Aeon Extended if you chose to follow step 2)
          5. Run Minecraft.
          6. In Resources Packs, select the resource pack.
          7. Click on Done.


            • New additions, edits, port, fixes, json, language files and organization, by Ezer'Arch.
            • Galacticraft, Bibliocraft, Carpenter's Blocks and MPS graphics, by Ezer'Arch.
            • Original Aeon 1.7.10, Aeon::Legacy, Lost Space and Year 3000, by thesparko
            • Digital clock, by ElectricMonkey
            • Mars and Venus graphics, by Space Viking from Galacticraft devteam
            • Graphics from LEDCraft, by Vickal1 (see FAQ in the section 6, 4th question).
            • Music (Disc 11): "Dance of the Pixies" by Jens Kiilstofte (CC-BY).
            • Sound effects: AGMoneyTrigga, Skullsmasha, qubodup and Andy_Gardner. All CC0 license,


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