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Here I list all content available on my site for download. I redirect people here to download material made by me or that I recommend using.

If you are looking for Minecraft mods, resource packs and tools I use, see Minecraft - Mods I use.

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For Minecraft

Aeon Extension Patch & Resource Pack

By Ezer'Arch, TheSparko & Space Viking

Now available here on its own page: Resource Packs

Armourer's Workshop skins

By Ezer'Arch

Astronaut, Diving, Bike, and Mekanism packs: Armourer's Workshop content page

Dynamic Surroundings config files

By Ezer'Arch

DS config files for Galacticraft: Dynamic Surroundings content page

Galacticraft download backup

By micdoodle8, radfast and co.

If the official download page fails, try here: Galacticraft content page

MCHeli Content Pack Addons

By Ezer'Arch

NASA jetpack (MMU), motorcycle and satellite: MCHeli content page


By Ezer'Arch

Now available here on its own page: Worlds

For SRB2

ArchPack level pack addon

By Ezer'Arch

11 maps to play and explore: ArchPack page

SRB2 Misc and Archive

By Ezer'Arch & Others

Other content and legacy maps: SRB2 content page

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