Armourer's Workshop

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Here you can find all content for Armourer's Workshop available for download.

Armourer's Workshop skins

These are the Armourer's Workshop parts I've been working on. Try also: Resource Packs and Content packs.

⚠️ These skin packs require Armourer's Workshop mod ⚠️

Mannequins with astronaut suit

Astronaut pack

Author: Ezer'Arch

It's a pack with a full body white space suit and accessories that can be used with a working space suit from a mod (I recommend Galacticraft, as it's visually compatible with its Breathing Equipement).

The pack includes a placeable decorative helmet.

Note: The headlights and the backpack accessories are meant to be used in conjunction with Aeon Extension Patch's chain armor (in-game: white space suit).

➜ Download: v.3.1 - for Armourer's Workshop MC 1.7.10 (new items)

Latest update (2017-02-23): now the color strips are dyeable. Removed some defects inside the helmet. Picture.

Mannequins with diving gears and life vest

Diving pack

Author: Ezer'Arch

A pack containing a diving suit and equipments that can be used with or without a resource pack, and with a working diving gears from a mod (I recommend Mekanism). 

Contains several types of masks, diving fins, tanks and life jacket. The full set is dyeable.

News: The green-blue neoprene suit will be also released as alternative texture for leather armor (progress!) and Galacticraft thermal padding in Resource Packs any day.

➜ Download: v.3.0 - for Armourer's Workshop MC 1.7.10 (new items)

Latest update (2017-02-19): the set is now fully dyeable; added Diving Snorkel and Diving Suit Hood (ninja style). Picture.

Mannequins with bike and gas masks

Bike and HazMat pack

Author: Ezer'Arch

Sort of misc pack with motorcycle helmet and boots, and 3 types of gas masks. All dyeable.

Can be used with the diving suit (above) for a full body suit, and other mods such as Mekanism and IndustrialCraft2.

The pack includes a placeable decorative helmet to place it on a wall or a trophy shelf.

➜ Download: v.2.0 - for Armourer's Workshop MC 1.7.10

Latest update (2017-03-11): cleaned Bike helmet interior; added Bike helmet (open face). Picture.

Mannequins with Mekanism replacement parts

Mekanism pack

Author: Ezer'Arch

This pack was recreated for Mekanism players with incompatibilities with Smart Moving.

This pack mimics some of Mekanism hi-poly armors so you can apply them skins of this pack and fix the bug. Currently: gas mask, free runners and glowstone armor set.

The pack also includes a placeable decorative gas mask.

➜ Download: v.1.0 - for Armourer's Workshop MC 1.7.10

Installation instructions

  1. Run Minecraft with Armourer's Workshop mod once and close it;
  2. Move the *.armour files to .minecraft\armourersWorkshop;
  3. Run Minecraft with Armourer's Workshop mod again;
  4. While in game, place an Equipement Library, the new parts are there to be used;
  5. Use the Equipment Wardrobe (key P) or Skinning Table to use the parts.

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