Space Station for Galacticraft v2 is out

I've just updated the Space Station for Galacticraft world. Now available for download.

Space Station for Galacticraft and Smart Moving mod

I "re-ported" my space station to the most recent versions of Galacticraft and other required tech mods. Lots of things got fixed, and changed the NPCs a bit. Hope it works better now.

This world looks better with Aeon resource pack and my patches. If you need instructions, check out the project page link below. More worlds coming, I just need to port them to Minecraft 1.7.10.

Note: In the screenshot, the flying animation requires Smart Moving mod.

  • General: lots of machines, items, blocks and entities redone with the most recent versions of required mods.
  • General: added, fixed and changed NPCs, specially dialogs.
  • General: fixed biome name (hope it works).

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