Aeon Extension Patch v11 is out

Aeon Extension Patch v11.0 is out. Huge update. More than 100 files changed/fixed/added. Adds whole new glass block set and Et Futurum mod support. Lots of fixes and new content. Continue reading for details about this and other content.

Version 11.0 is out. Finally!

This is a big release that fixes and adds a lot of things. The 1st major thing is the whole stained glass set, panes and blocks of all colors, has got a new design based on a non-released design by TheSparko. And they are translucent!

This release fixes a horrible visual glitch found where the player is underwater. You can see the change here.

This also adds Et Futurum support, villager UI and fixes a few broken things related to Ambiotic mod.

The changelog below has more details.

  • Vanilla: added whole new stained glass set with translucency, blocks and panes (overrides main pack, follows a non-released design by TheSparko).
  • Vanilla: added glass pane border (overrides main pack).
  • Vanilla: added missing MCPatcher fog colormap PNG (from old Aeon version).
  • Vanilla: added Quartz Block Slab, CTM and graphics.
  • Vanilla: fixed Bricks Slab top bottom CTM.
  • Vanilla: fixed Stone Bricks Slab top bottom.
  • Vanilla: added Stone Bricks top bottom.
  • Vanilla: changed villager UI for style consistency.
  • Vanilla: changed chainmail armor (the white space suit, esp. visor).
  • Vanilla: changed glass block, now with thinner borders.
  • Vanilla: fixed properties files missing matchBlocks for better Optifine compatibility.
  • Vanilla: fixed/tweaked several CTM and png files, esp. Quartz and Stained Clay Block.
  • Vanilla: fixed sounds.json directory location.
  • Vanilla: fixed underwater shadding glitch by adding missing pngs.
  • Ambiotic: changed SwimmingUnderWater sound, now less loud.
  • Ambiotic: changed engine.json, renamed IsSilent macro to IsDead (used to disable sounds in planets).
  • Ambiotic: fixed river sound in dead biomes.
  • Ambiotic: fixed BkgBeachWaves sound above y=100.
  • Ambiotic: fixed DaySeagulls sound above y=100 (beach.json).
  • Ambiotic: fixed Titan sounds not playing.
  • Ambiotic: fixed Venus sounds not playing, and tweaked a bit.
  • Ambiotic: fixed Mars sounds not playing, and tweaked a bit.
  • Ambiotic: fixed background.json, no more bugs sound in space, and clean-up.
  • Bibliocraft: added updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (will be removed with the next Bibliocraft release).
  • Bibliocraft: changed tinted glasses (in-game safety glasses) and monocle (in-game scouter) to look smaller.
  • Bibliocraft: removed "white/modern" texture sheets for furniture. Prefer to use framed furniture.
  • Carpenter's Blocks: changed creeper face chisel design (in-game warning strips).
  • EtFuturum: added chorus plant, trunk.
  • EtFuturum: added purpur block and slab, and CTM.
  • EtFuturum: added purpur pilar, and CTM.
  • EtFuturum: added polished andesite CTM.
  • EtFuturum: added grass path.
  • EtFuturum: added End Stone Bricks graphics and CTM.
  • EtFuturum: added flower rose.
  • EtFuturum: added red sandstone carved CTM.
  • EtFuturum: added diorite polished CTM.
  • EtFuturum: added prismarine bricks CTM.
  • EtFuturum: added prismarine block.
  • EtFuturum: added red sandstone carved top and bottom.
  • EtFuturum: added new brewing stand UI.
  • Galacticraft: added cleaner oxygen mask.
  • Galacticraft: changed Tin ore, following GC update.
  • Galacticraft: changed Silicon ore, following Galacticraft update.
  • Galacticraft: changed Thermal Padding, headset no more sticking outside the oxygen mask.
  • Galacticraft: changed Thermal Padding glowing overlay to better fit the main texture.
  • Mekanism: added Refined Glowstone graphics.
  • Mekanism: added Reinforced Plastic Block.
  • Mekanism: changed Plastic Block, now whiter.
  • Mekanism: changed Brine Bucket item, to distinguish it from GC Fuel.
  • MPS: added Crafting UI.

Planned features for the next releases and new content:
  • Mars and Venus patches update to v11.0.
  • Interface fixer (1.8 and 1.9) and alternative textures.
  • Armourer's Workshop skins. Details in this blog post.

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