Aeon Extension Patch v11.4 is out

Aeon Extension Patch v11.4, quasi-major update: Adds new items, new anvil interface, fixes the black pine forest, 1.9 stuff, and a bunch of small things. MC1.9 update addon patch release. Continue reading for more screenshots and details. (Updated 2017-03-19)

Version 11.4 is out.

This release features a bunch of small additions and fixes. Almost a 12 release (I may prepare something special for this).

The biggest change is the "no more black pine forests" due to outdated colormap, dated back from MC 1.5/1.6. See screenshot to see the difference between now (photobombed by enderman) and before.

Also fixed and changed birch and spruce leaves to have proper opaque (fast render) and transparent (fancy render) versions. Vines now have vertical CTM compatible with Optifine; it's a fix.

Item icons: glowstone dust, redstone dust and gunpowder. The ender eye item was changed to follow its 3D counter-part from the end portal frame.

Anvil has got a new interface to follow the "modern industrial" style. As a fancy addition: bone meal particles now render green pluses (see animation).

As MC 1.9 additions and changes (partially Et Futurum mod): End Bricks now have horizontal CTM; sword cool-down; heart damage indicator particles renders wither skull icons. New items: lingering potion and dragon breath bottles.

⚠️ MC1.9+ players: add MC1.9 Update Patch to fix a few things that Aeon packs alone can't (see text below).

More details, see change log below.

  • Vanilla: added glowstone dust, redstone dust and gunpowder items.
  • Vanilla: added more inventory icons (absortion, horse meters etc).
  • Vanilla: added more ASCII characters.
  • Vanilla: changed ender eye to fit the end portal frame's style.
  • Vanilla: changed bone meal particles (renders pluses).
  • Vanilla: changed anvil interface to a new style.
  • Vanilla: fixed misaligned crosshair.
  • Vanilla: fixed vines CTM.
  • Vanilla: fixed spruce leaves colormap (no longer black pine forests).
  • Vanilla: fixed and changed birch and spruce leaves, opaque and transparent versions.
  • Vanilla 1.9: added End Bricks CTM.
  • Vanilla 1.9: added more inventory icons (sword cool-down, armor overlay etc).
  • Vanilla 1.9 and EtFuturum: added Heart Damage Indicator particles (renders wither icons).
  • Vanilla 1.9 and EtFuturum: added lingering potion and dragon breath bottle.
  • Just a few fish: added en_US lang fix.

Download: Resource Packs

MC1.9 update addon patch

The MC1.9 update addon patch was released (2017-02-14). This patch will fix and add a few things that the Aeon packs alone can't fix, such as player inventory, Steve skin, models etc. Just add it atop of the other packs.

  • Vanilla: added 1.8 Enchanting Table interface
  • Vanilla: added 1.8 Steve/Player default texture, fixing the stretched texture.
  • Vanilla: added hopper block texture and UV.
  • Vanilla: added 1.9 Brewing stand UI.
  • Vanilla: added 1.9 Player inventory UI.

Download in the same page: Resounce pack

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